SHARE it APK download 3.7.8 latest version


SHARE it APK download 3.7.8 latest version

 For Android

SHARE it APK download
SHARE it APK download

SHARE it APK download because it’s a great application which has a cross-platform tool for near-field communication. You can connect with your friends without external cellular data or WIFI network. You can share whenever and wherever. The speed of transferring is up to 20M/s which are 200 times. So the Share is faster than Bluetooth speed. You can just forget about NFC and the application of SHARE it.

Through SHARE it you have the ability to transfer the files from different devices such as computers, phones and tablets. You can use this application through using the direct Wi-Fi connections. SHARE it have the ability to send photos, videos, files and also applications from one device to another. When use it and connects, it is amazing. When it doesn’t work, so, there is little reason to unconnected and you need to try again.

There are many things you can share with this application range from the most common things like pictures, audio files and videos to others. There are also some things like address books, applications and any other file which you have on your Smartphone memory.

SHARE it can connect and transfer is a smart application which lets you make super fast transfers between your devices to all kinds of devices. You need the only thing to install this application on both ends. Firstly, the device with the file you want to send and the other thing is one where you want to receive it.

Firstly, the features of SHARE it APK download:

SHARE it APK download
SHARE it APK download

No network limit which you can Share files whenever and wherever.

– this application is the fastest in the world which has 200 times faster than Bluetooth and the highest speed goes up to 20M/s.
this application is transfer only the original files and never losing quality.

–  you can Cross-platform transferring which is sharing for computers, phones and tablets which has the systems like Android, iOS ,Windows XP/7/8 or Windows Phone.
– you have the ability to transfer whatever you have like Photos, music, videos, installed apps and any other files.

– This application is simple and easy which you can transfer files to each other by entering Portal. It’s so easy to use and share anything you want to share to your friend.

– this application allows to connects with PC. You can Transfer the files between your phone and PC.
you can view your photos and play music on computers.
the control PPT directly with your phone, it’s making your presentation easier.

– the Phone can replicate the contacts, MMS messages, music, SMS messages, videos, applications and other data from your old phone to the new one  just by one click.

Secondly , What’s new about SHARE it APK download ?

  1. you can add the Group Share feature. This group sends or receives files by tapping in the button on the lower part of homepage of your device.
    2. You can add the Space Analyzer the feature in the received files.

You can handle your mobile storage status and photocopy of photos and all the big files.
3. You can also enhance some other performances.

Thirdly , there are important notes about SHARE it APK download:

The application of SHARE it is the world’s fastest cross-platform file transfer tool.

– You can Share all kinds of files whenever and wherever.

– The speed of this application is approximately 200 times more than the Bluetooth.

– There is no USB, no data usage and also you don’t need internet to send something to another.

– this application is supports the devices and Smartphone which have the system of Android, iOS , Windows Phone, Windows, and Mac.

– The choice of this application is across over 600 Million users from 200 difference countries.

– This application is accomplish the top 1 downloaded Application on Google Play in 24 countries and regions.

-This application is totally difference from the Whatsapp Plus 5.50 Mod Apk Download